All the RAVE!

To all our dancers,

We care about you, as an individual, and helping you succeed in your goals. We will work with you to establish goals that align with your skill level, your preferred styles of dance, and your desired future in dance, and we will empower you to accomplish your goals by giving you the tools you need.

At RAVE Dance Connection, you can expect:

  • Classes in various styles of dance, including ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, and contemporary, as well as classes focusing on flexibility and strength;
  • Private and semi-private lessons from certified instructors and choreographers;
  • Weekly acro lessons;
  • Aerial silks workouts;
  • Development of student choreography skills;
  • Many intensives and conventions throughout the year;
  • Competitions and feedback from judges;
  • A year-end showcase;
  • Collaboration with other studios and dancers;
  • Friendly and positive teachers, instructors, choreographers, and studio owners;
  • Age-appropriate costumes;
  • Fundraising; and
  • Other opportunities that fit your goals.

At RAVE Dance Connection, you should not expect:

  • Burdensome contracts;
  • Hidden fees throughout the year;
  • Inflated prices for costumes, competitions, and dancewear;
  • Mandatory ad sales & “Cover Girl” competitions;
  • Last minute mandatory practices;
  • Weekend long practices during competition season;
  • Marching in parades;
  • Or anything that significantly distracts from your goals!